• Tube quality at a good price

    LED tube 4000k 20w

    1. Lumens: 2200
    2. Intermediate light color - 4000k
    3. Long life. 46000hrs. approx.
  • buy LED Philips MASTER LED Bulb

          LED Philips MASTER LED Bulb

    1.    Consumption: 6w.
    2.    Lumens: 470.
    3.    Equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb.
With the LED, the lighting of the future. Low consumption, energy saving. Compared to traditional halogen, incandescent bulbs, we can have up to a 90% savings on the electric bill. High efficiency. Greater durability, up to 50,000 hours in many products.

Buy led bulbs - led tubes

On the contrary, the traditional standard bulbs can reach 2000 h. The led lighting, contains no toxic products such as mercury or tungsten. The LEDs are recyclable and comply with the RoHS directive of polluting substances. They only emit heat, so it also allows us to save on air conditioning.

All are advantages when you buy led bulbs, tubes, strips of led downlights, spotlights. Ideal to replace conventional lighting our home, office, shopping etc.

In decoraled. com we always offer the latest technology and generation led.
Our products are of high quality, high performance and maximum energy efficiency.
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